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This is it...the 2nd Annual Blue Ridge Soap Box Derby is here! If you are a "local" or native of Fannin County, this event if for YOU! Family...Food...Fun... that is our goal for you on September 25, 2021. We are not talking about the small cars you build and race down a ramp (that's PINEWOOD DERBY and we are looking at doing that in the future, too!)... we are talking about the cars you sit in and steer/brake yourself! We hope to see your family work together to build a soapbox car out of any material and race it against others in the community. This year will be a little different since this is our mid-year event. Did we mention food? Yes...we will have affordable food & beverage vendors available for you and your family. Keep checking back to see who our sponsors are and what awesome vendors will be on-site on the big day!

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in”.
~Author Unknown

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We need VOLUNTEERS! We are going to need your help in making this event successful. We need officials at the vehicle weigh-in and again on race day. We need track volunteers who will keep the track safe from spectators and contestants as well as helping our racers get their cars to the launch point. We will need informational volunteers who can answer questions for our visitors. To volunteer, contact Mike Sullivan or Brian Higgins.